How To Fix ‘Night Light’ On Windows 10

How to
Sometimes even after doing an upgrade to the latest version of Windows 10, the night light does not work. The night light is a feature which helps to decrease the blue light on the display during night time so that there is no strain on eyes. It is especially helpful for people who work for long hours. Unfortunately, you might have noticed that sometimes this feature does not work properly. For instance, it doesn't get disabled also after restarting or powering off the system. View the below-mentioned points carefully to know the ways of troubleshooting the blue light filter feature on your device. The method of updating the graphics driver You need to install the most recent video driver manually to solve the problem. It can be done by going…
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How to Change and Make Font Size Larger in an iPhone

All smartphones and tablets give almost three text sizes to the user, Small, Medium, and Larger. In most devices, the font size is by default set to medium. Maybe you or someone in your home is not comfortable with the preset text size of the iPhone. iPhone allows the users to change the text size they are comfortable with. Anytime on your iPhone, you can make the font smaller or larger. Way 1: Changing the iPhone’s font size from the display settings Without a doubt, many of you have seen this option and use it as well to in your iPhone. This is the most common and simplest way to change the font size in an iPhone. Keep in mind, adjusting the font size from here applies to entire iPhone…
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