How to Change and Make Font Size Larger in an iPhone

All smartphones and tablets give almost three text sizes to the user, Small, Medium, and Larger. In most devices, the font size is by default set to medium. Maybe you or someone in your home is not comfortable with the preset text size of the iPhone. iPhone allows the users to change the text size they are comfortable with. Anytime on your iPhone, you can make the font smaller or larger.

Way 1: Changing the iPhone’s font size from the display settings

Without a doubt, many of you have seen this option and use it as well to in your iPhone. This is the most common and simplest way to change the font size in an iPhone. Keep in mind, adjusting the font size from here applies to entire iPhone apps and services except the applications that don’t support dynamic type. Here is the route to access and change the text size from display settings.

1.   Open your iPhone and navigate to Settings. Look for the Settings icon on your iPhone’s home screen and tap on it to do so.

2.   Open ‘Display & Brightness’ settings.

3.   Tap on ‘Text Size’ (fourth option) under Display & Brightness settings. If you want to make the text bold, then enable the switch next to ‘Bold Text.’

4.   Text size slider will now appear on the next screen, tap the slider’s round button and drag it toward the left to small the font size or drag right to enlarge your iPhone’s font.

5.   When you’re satisfied with the text size, tap on the ‘Display & Brightness’ (Back button) option at the upper left corner to save text size and go back.

The changes in text size will be applied instantly to your iPhone. You can use the Text Size slider anytime to change the font size on your iPhone.

Way 2: Changing the iPhone’s font size from the accessibility settings

Accessibility settings also have an option to adjust the text size. But, there you’ll find the option as ‘Larger Text.’ As its name suggests, it can make the text size even larger. And just like Text size slider, the changes you’ll make from Larger Text will be applied to the entire iPhone apps and services that support it. So, here is the second method to change the font size in your iPhone.

1.   Navigate to your iPhone ‘Settings’ by tapping the ‘Settings’ icon on the home screen or under the ‘Utilities’ folder.

2.   Open ‘General’ settings.

3.   Tap on ‘Accessibility’ (seventh option) under General settings. You have to swipe up on the screen to find this option.

4.   Now, find and tap on ‘Larger Text’ option.

5.   To access the ‘Larger Text’ slider, you’ll need to enable it. Therefore, tap and enable the button of ‘Larger Accessibility Sizes.’

6.   A slider same as Text Size will show up on the screen, tap and hold the ‘Round’ button of the Larger Text slider and drag it toward the right to enlarge the font size or drag left small font.

7.   Release the ‘Round’ button when you’re satisfied with the font size.

Now, you can return and close settings to view the changes.

Way 3: Changing the iPhone’s font size through Display Zoom

This is one more way to view the larger text on the iPhone, i.e., by changing the view in Display Zoom feature. It is only available and work in Apple iPhone 6 and later. There are two view options in Display Zoom, Standard and Zoomed. By default, the view is set to Standard in Display Zoom. But, you can switch it easily any time to Zoomed view to make everything slightly larger on your iPhone. Zoomed view enlarges the entire display slightly of the iPhone. This means apps icon, text, and other things look a little bigger. To find and switch Display Zoom view to ‘Zoomed’ in your iPhone,

1.   Navigate to your iPhone ‘Settings’ by tapping the ‘Settings’ icon on the home screen or under the ‘Utilities’ folder.

2.   Open ‘Display & Brightness’ settings.

3.   Swipe up on the opened screen to view ‘DISPLAY ZOOM’ section.

4.   Now, tap on the ‘View’ option.

5.   Both view option will appear on the screen, tap on ‘Zoomed’ to select it. You can also see a preview of your iPhone’s home screen to view how it will appear in Zoomed.

6.   If you want to set the view to Zoomed, then tap on the ‘Set’ button at the top.

The zoomed view will be applied, and you’ll see everything, including fonts slightly larger.

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